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Duo for resounding dancer and live musician (guitar, electronics, and sound objects):
“Somehow Standing” is a dynamic performance about a body in transit. Being traversed, transformed and occupied by other bodies and voices, it puts into question the concept of identity through movement, language, and sound. The piece plays with the idea of instability as a possible practice that enables survival and creates new perspectives of living.

How can the instability that results from all this movement become a kind of source, or a path that radically changes our behavior and our perception of the world and ourselves? How can we move away from a homogeneous controlled narrowing idea of being and instead set off for existing in a more refined sense of instability: living and evolving, unfinished, open, human and other, all at once, in the energy spirals of the universe, where identities disappear and reappear?

To answer these questions, throughout the piece, a body in transit is exposed to emptiness and uprooting, subject of constant becoming. In this process, the body creates and lives under its own rules, crossing the borders of culture, languages, and communication. It reinvents itself continuously in its translated and re-assembled appearances, experiencing new ways of presence and absence, erasing the dualism between time and space, looking for new sources of energy, amplifying its voice in unexpected ways; but never giving up. Every possible end is a new chance to continue, every possible fall is a chance to go forward.

Ana Kavalis - Concept and performance
Jeff Gburek - Live Sound

Saturday, June 1st 2019 | 3 and 6 pm
In the frame of PAF - Performing Arts Programm

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Foto: Carolina Calcavecchia