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Somehow Standing @ Acker Stadt Palast 12/13.02.2021 at 8 pm

with Ana Kavalis & Jeff Gburek

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Duo for resounding dancer and live musician (prepared guitar, electronics, and sound objects):

“Somehow Standing” is a performance about a body in transit, in transition, in trance. A body in transit is a subversive body. In its oscillating existence, almost always at the edge of the abyss, this body emerges continuously like a Phoenix from the dust. It creates and lives under its own rules, reinventing itself continuously, experiencing new ways of presence and absence, opening its awareness towards the space and the others, dialoguing differently with gravity, walking, falling and getting up, finding again its own breath, looking for new sources of energy, but never giving up.
The piece uses the concept of instability as a generative bodily performance practice that opens space to moments of crisis, of release, into the unknown, to being fully present. It reflects upon our capacity for strength and empowerment to deal with life in times of turbulence and despair. Looking at the current situation around the world we may ask: How do we deal with the unexpected, with the limits dictated by society, with fear? Are we designed to live in a stable way? How can instability become a source for living? How can we move away from a homogeneous controlled narrowing idea of being and instead set off for existing in a more refined sense of instability? Living and evolving, unfinished, open, human and other, all at once, in the energy spirals of the universe, where identities disintegrate, mingle, disappear and then reform, reappear.
Regarding these questions and ideas, the musician and performer create a fluctuant/fluid dialogue where the performance evolves in encounters and departures, instants of dissolution and concentration, moments of absence and fulfillment and leaves space for the appearance of unpredictable events and encounters with the audience. Every possible end is a new chance to continue, every possible fall is a chance to move forward. Forward, back, forward, in maybe a new way. Somehow... standing...

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